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According to Scarborough Research, the White Sox are the top sports team in town. I couldn't care less.

* * * * *

Some of you may have noticed -- who am I kidding, you'd have to be blind not to notice -- there are some new ads on the site. These ads have already created a bit of a backlash in diary form.

I've done my best to integrate them with color scheme of the site and eliminate the white spaces you see at other blogs around SB Nation. Go check. They look worse elsewhere.

So why are they there?* Well, number 1, SB Nation is chewing through servers. Even though November will probably be our slowest month of the next calendar year, there will still be over 5 million page views. The hosting and domain costs are all currently being covered by the revenues generated from Daily Kos. A network with 5+ million page views a month should be able stand on it's own.

We wish that the ads were less intrusive and better integrated with the site, but that's the crux. The main goal of these ads is not to line the pockets of the Powers That Be here at SB Nation, it's to raise the revenue necessary to hire multiple persons for a full redesign of all the SB Nation sites; a redesign that should make all necessary advertising non-intrusive and introduce new features that will make the place more user friendly. So bear with us for a little while, and eventually you'll have a much better South Side Sox and SB Nation.