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CSI: DR :: Uribe still not in the clear?

Almost a month ago, we got word that Juan Uribe would be cleared in the Dominican Farmer, Italian Naval Officer, Yipeta shooting incident if no new evidence was presented within 10 days. Those 10 days came and went, and we heard nothing. Now, something called the Listin Diario claims that Uribe once again be in some serious hot water. (English Translation) Who are we to question the validity of the Listin Diario?

If I read that translation correctly -- no small feat thanks to the vagaries of online translations (Any help from spanish speakers would be appreciated.) -- Uribe could be facing 2 charges of attempted murder. I'll wait for an English language report before I fly off the handle in worry, but it's my solemn duty as fearless leader of South Side Sox to report things like this, unreliable as they may be.

Maybe Uribe should have just paid off the damn farmer. As I recall the reported extortion demand was a paltry sum by US/Movie standards.