16 days

16 days, 16 freakin days. That's how long the 'Brandon McCarthy in the White Sox starting rotation' era lasted. December 6 to December 23, 2006. And I was so looking forward to much more of it...

OK, let's forget for a moment on whether or not it was a smart trade (I think it was the biggest mistake in Kenny's tenure as GM) and let's look on the return the Sox got. Do you think the Rangers or the Sox got the better part of it or that the exchange was about fair? I personally think Jon Daniels executed baseball's biggest heist of the last couple years. He took Kenny Williams to school. Looking at the Baseball Musings B-Mac's log I see that after his first brief stay with the Sox, once he changed his delivery B-Mac had a 1.72 ERA in his 7 starts (8ERs in 41 2/3 IP). Well, there simply is no way you trade a 23 year old pitcher with a 1.72 ERA in his starts for a prospect and a rookie reliever. A prospect! As in not having thrown a pitch in the majors yet. What do you think Brian Cashman would've gotten in exchange? The guy got 3 pitching prospects for 1 year of a 38 year old bat recovering from wrist surgery for pete's sake.

I know, many will dismiss the 1.72 ERA argument and instead focus on his overall 4.39 ERA and on his tendencies to give up the long ball. I don't. B-Mac is a starting pitcher. In his minor league carrer he had a 3.39 ERA and a 1.09 WHIP while having a 0.84 HR9 rate. If you have an ERA in the threes I don't care how these 3 runs are scored.

With someone like B-Mac you are have a sure #3 pitcher with potential to be a #1. Well, the sample size is small you say. I don't care. You focus on the positives. It is what it is. What's Danks' sample size? A big fat zero.

Others will say Kenny has a proven track record and has brought the 1st World Series in the South Side in 88 years. Well, if B-Mac and the Count didn't have those dominating starts in the 2nd half of 2005 we wouldn't even have sniffed the playofs in 2005. And how was B-Mac rewarded for his contributions? By ... Anyway, that's getting into the smartness of the trade and I said I won't go there. The purpose of this post was to discuss the size of the return in B-Mac's trade. What do you think of the return Kenny got?

BTW, Let me wish you Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays. May santa drop a LFer on the South Side in the new year!

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