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Uribe to appear in court January 2nd

I'm tired of this damn case already.

By almost all accounts, Uribe should be in the clear. The District Attorney previously stated that there wasn't enough evidence to continue in the case. The Italian Naval Officer even declined to file charges. I haven't read a thing about the involvement Uribe's brother and bodyguard since being arrested the weekend of the shooting. They seem to be in the clear. The only person being charged is Uribe, the multi-millionaire, and the only people who claim his involvement are the Dominican Farmer and his lawyer, two people clearly after money over justice.

They are currently threatenting to keep Uribe in the Dominican while he's under investigation, even though that investigation was deemed to have turned up nothing 6 weeks ago. The longer this thing drags on, the more I'm convinced that the Dominican Dirt Farmer is only after Uribe's money.