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Winter Meetings: Day Zero

I thought you guys should have a fresh space to talk about all the happenings of Day 1 in Orlando. Juicy rumors shouldn't start flowing until early afternoon, so I'll get it started. Crede/Garcia for Figgins/Santana seems to be losing steam, finally, but another old friend has been brought back to life, A-Rod. This is about the third different report I've seen filed from Orlando linking the Sox to A-Rod.

* * * * *

On the back-up catcher front, one team to watch closely is the LA Dodgers, who have reportedly been courting Mike Lieberthal to fill the role of backup catcher. They're looking to unload the arbitration eligible Toby Hall. I don't know the specifics, but all reports are that he was unhappy with his trade to La-La land. With Hall set to earn up to $3M at arbitration, the Dodgers are going to have a difficult time trading him. Expect him to be non-tendered before the December 12th deadline.

Hall has been a starting catcher for his entire career, and I suspect that was the root of his frustration in LA. Due to the high number of lefties in the AL Central, the Sox may be able to sell Hall over other teams looking for backups by promising him at least 40-45 starts. Hall hit .294/.331/.432 against lefties the last three seasons.