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Kenny Williams is a stealthy ninja

As Omar Minaya continues to focus on adding pitching, he's holding the White Sox as a backup plan if he fails to land Barry Zito. It was thought that Zito had narrowed his focus down to two teams, the Mets and Rangers. I wonder if the Rangers have the resources to pay both Zito, who figures to get 6/$90+M, and the recently signed Vincente Padilla.

Reading into Minaya's comments, he's not going to trade for Freddy Garcia. Javier Vazquez is the pitcher he covets.

"If I'm going to trade some of my young guys, I need to be able to get guys I'm going to control," Minaya said. "I don't think we're going to be trading our better young players for one year [of a pitcher]."
It seems to me that Kenny should just wait until Zito signs, then up the asking price for our starters to the team that missed out on the $100M pitcher.
  • Waiting. That's what Kenny Williams is doing. That, and continuing to admonish his fellow GMs for the contracts they're handing out.
    "I'm worried about the industry, and the industry affects everything that the White Sox will be able to do," said Williams in a recent interview. "You simply, if you are practicing any fiscal sanity whatsoever ... I'm just disgusted.

    It's important to evaluate as it is with your standards and not lower your standards to a sub-par marketplace," Williams added.

    I love the quotes about the free agent market, but I wonder how his fellow GMs are reacting.
  • Mark Gonzalez says the Sox have interest in Vernon Wells, but everything I've read seems like he'll cost too much, both in terms of players required to obtain him, and as to how much he'll command as a free agent next year. The starting point for Wells next year should be Beltran-type money.

    I'm not sure why Wells is worth much more than Garcia/Buehrle/Vazquez on the trade market. It seems to me that a pitcher and an Anderson should be enough to make a deal happen.

  • Phil Rogers polled some scouts at the winter meetings about the desirability of the available starting pitchers.
    Schmidt was the winner on every ballot except one. Lefty Barry Zito, five years younger than Schmidt, was second and then came the surprise.

    The third, fourth and fifth spots went to the White Sox's Garcia, Javier Vazquez and Mark Buehrle, although the opinions varied widely on whether Vazquez was more desirable than Buehrle.

    He also included some more specific scouting reports on the Sox pitchers.
  • The Dodgers could announce a deal for Mike Lieberthal as soon as tomorrow. Such a deal renders Toby Hall redundant, and he's reportedly "generated some trade interest."
  • Damien Miller supposedly interests the Sox, but the Brewers have said they're in no hurry to move him. "Right now, we think it's better to have the depth," said Brewers GM, Doug Melvin.
  • Update [2006-12-5 0:18:30 by The Cheat]: Scott Merkin chimes in with another recap of the days activities. He seems to rehash what I've already linked here, with one exception.
    Buehrle and Garcia both have one year left on their respective contracts, but Williams begged off a question Monday in regard to contract extensions being broached with either pitcher. It's an indirect approach Williams rarely takes, but he was honoring an agreement made with one of the two pitchers not to talk about the negotiations.
    There you go. Williams is, without a doubt, trying to lock up Mark Buehrle to a long term deal. The Chris Carpenter and Roy Oswalt deals should give him a nice template.