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We Have a Deal

Freddy Garcia for Gavin Floyd and Gio Gonzalez.

Bleh. - jim @ soxmachine - mlbtraderumors

Update [2006-12-7 0:4:45 by thewizardsofoz]:

[Mark Gonzales]

Before the deal was finalized, Sox general manager Ken Williams intimated he might have to make a deal soon because of the rapidly changing free agent market that included the free agent signings of pitchers Jason Schmidt and Ted Lilly.
Update [2006-12-7 0:14:56 by The Cheat]: The above quote is receiving too much attention. Williams made the comment a few hours before the deal with that twinkle in his eye that he gets. He was merely letting the local media know with a wink and nudge that something was imminent. And hours later, the trade happened. That's it.

There could be more deals down the line this off-season, but the above quote does not mean that Williams is about to make rapid fire moves in very near future. (more later)