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White Sox Town? Not Yet

Rick Morissey writes in yesterday's Tribune, and on his blog, (new links abound today!) about what it would take for Chicago to become a Sox town. Vince's response is worth a read.

My own feeling is that it would only take one more World Series run and the tide would turn. And it would turn rapidly.

Kenny Williams told Scot Gregor that the Sox organization have tried to change their approach in an attempt to become #1.

If you remember four or five years ago, people were questioning why I was being so aggressive. Not only was I trying to make the organization more competitive, I wanted to reposition ourselves in the Chicago market. I never bought into the feeling that we were a middle-market club. The goal was always winning the World Series, and now our goal is to do it again and really capture the attention of our fans. We want to earn the trust of our fan base to where they're going to make the conscientious decision to spend their discretionary entertainment dollars on us, on our product.
What do you guys think?

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