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Ozzie Guillen Skips White House Visit

With the scheduling dance between the White Sox and the White House finally over, the big news is not about who is going to the customary photo and handshake session with President Bush, but the few who aren't making the trip.

Da Mayer
Da Mayer
Not going: Ozzie Guillen, Frank Thomas, Scott Podsednik, Tadahito Iguchi
Going: Most everyone else, including Da Mayer, Richard M. Daley and Aaron Rowand

Seems fitting to me. Even though Daley and Bush's politics don't align, they are cut from the same mold. Remember Daley's destruction of Meigs Field under the cover of darkness one Sunday night a few years ago? What did he cite as a reason for the demolition? Security concerns following 9/11. -- Yeah, those two will get along.

As for Ozzie, it seems he's causing quite the controversy by saying he's on vacation. Ozzie visited the White House two years ago following the Marlins victory, so the vacation excuse seems plausible. Ozzie's Venezuelan heritage, and Bush's rocky relationship with Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, leads some to claim that this is a political statement.

I hear that Ozzie is just waiting for his $100,000 appearance fee. ;)