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Pimp My Ride: White Sox Style

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One damn Fugly little car
One damn Fugly little car
The World Series Trophy Tour makes a stop at the Chicago Auto Show this weekend, with a new sideshow in tow. Pontiac and the White Sox have teamed to commission a White Sox themed car to commemorate the Sox World Series title.

I suppose the idea was to honor the fans by featuring them prominently on the car, but that many people on such a tiny car reminds me of my trips to the circus as a young boy. I shouldn't complain. It's not like they ruined a nice car or anything; it was a Pontiac Solstice, dream car of 16-year old girls. It could hardly get any less-cool than that.

If you wanna see some better photos of the car, check out MPH, which also has a scathing review of the car.

Since we're talking about bizarre World Series tie-ins, I feel that I must bring up the disappearing 6-foot tall, 60 pound, White Sox uniform-wearing penguin. Picture after the jump...

I just wanted to post this picture because I can.