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Dead Center

I am not a center fielder
I am not a center fielder.
Joe Cowley of the Daily Southtown, though I've seen him writing for the Sun Times lately in Doug Padilla's absense, casts some doubt on Brian Anderson's health after surgery to remove pins and a plate from his wrist.
"No matter how minor the surgery is, whenever you have any type of offseason surgery, it's going to be some type of a setback," Anderson said. "I don't have pain for the most part, and the strength is there, but I am still having some of the repercussions of the surgery. There's still scar tissue that I'm breaking through.

"Put it this way: It's never a good thing to have surgery. I'm trying to get to the point where my wrist feels normal. There's still some of that surgery 'stuff' in there."

The article also contained the most definitive answer to the 'can Jerry Owens play center?' question.
"Jerry Owens is not ready to play center field right now," Williams said. "He had a shoulder injury a couple of years ago and had a procedure to take care of that. His arm strength hasn't come back. We were hoping to see some improvements in his strength this winter when he was playing in Venezuela, but there were none."
While Williams was casting doubt on Owen's ability to play center, assistant GM Rick Hahn was talking-up Rob Mackowiak's glove in CF.
"Everyone thought we got him as an insurance policy for Joe Crede at third base," assistant general manager Rick Hahn said Tuesday of Mackowiak. "But you know what? This guy can really play some center field."
I don't know what to make of this article. Could be the organization preparing us for a slow start by Anderson, or a Mack/B.And platoon. Could be Cowley just had nothing else to write about.