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Magglio cries 70 million tears

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His eyes aren't dry anymore.
Only pain Ordonez has is Chicago blues - [Detroit Free Press]
In their first year without Ordonez, the White Sox swept Houston for their first world title in 88 years.

"I was feeling sad I wasn't there," [Ordonez] said.

"It's hard to see your teammates win the World Series," Ordonez said. "You spent your whole career there and left one year early. I didn't know they were going to win the World Series."

The article also states that Ordonez will be playing for the Venezuelan team in the WBC.

I think I've decided that Venezuela is my team for the WBC. I hope Ozzie doesn't call me a hypocrite. -- They're just enough of an underdog, but have a legit chance at winning it all if everything breaks right. They're like a #4 seed in March Madness.