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White Sox announce 2006 broadcast schedule

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[Press Release]

The White Sox are featured in the first Major League Baseball game of the 2006 season, appearing on ESPN2 Sunday Night Baseball in a nationally-televised home opener vs. Cleveland on April 2 at 7:05 p.m. The Sox also appear on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball on May 14 at Minnesota and ESPN's new Monday Night game on June 12 at Texas.

Comcast SportsNet will televise 99 regular-season White Sox games, starting with the second game of the regular season on Tuesday, April 4 vs. Cleveland (1:05 p.m. CT). WGN will broadcast the first of its 29 White Sox games starting with the club's third game vs. Cleveland on Wednesday, April 5 at 1:05 p.m., while WCIU starts its 25-game White Sox broadcast schedule vs. Toronto on Friday, April 14 at 7:35 p.m. Six White Sox games will air nationally as part of the FOX Saturday "Game of the Week" schedule.

The White Sox will televise 161 of 162 games, with the Saturday, September 30 game at Minnesota as the only exception due to Major League Baseball blackout regulations.

Lord help us if the season is coming down to the last weekend. September 30th is the penultimate game of the year. It could mean absolutely nothing, but by the same token, it could mean absolutely everything.
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Lottery winners Alex & Ursula won't be donating $100 for every Sox home run hit this year. Actually, I can't find any confirmation of that, but this press release, saying will be doing the same, sure makes me think they're done with their tater-based philanthropy. I think I remember Hawk passing on his condolences to Alex; I'm pretty sure Ursula passed away last year.

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I found a great new White Sox blog. It's in japanese. -- I like when the translated text for "Buehrle named opening day starter" shows up as "commencement pitcher barley pitcher".