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Jim Thome likes ice cream

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It's rocky road.
Jim Thome, philosopher.
It appears that Ozzie will indeed bat Jim Thome in the #3 spot, which isn't all that surprising, however, his reasoning just might be.
"If I had to make a lineup right now I would have Thome batting third," Guillen said. "The reason is, Thome, he strikes out a lot, but he walks a lot. Having him over there will give Paulie an opportunity to drive in more runs because [Thome] does have a good on-base percentage.

"And right now I want to have a lefty, righty, lefty, righty at the top of the lineup. Hopefully we don't have to change the lineup in the course of the season. We will do that, but hopefully we don't have to do that."

Thome, the philosopher, had the following to say.
"When you're in the middle of the lineup your job is to drive in runs," Thome said.
Juan Uribe is going to get at least a look at the #2 spot, though it's up to him if he's going stay there.