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I stopped by Baseball Analysts to take part in their AL Central Two-on-Two. It's not posted at present, but it should be at the top of the main page by the time most of you read this. Update [2006-2-24 15:43:41 by The Cheat]: It's up.

  • Minnie Minoso will find out if he is elected to the Hall of Fame on Monday. -- He doesn't have the stats to make him a sure-fire inductee, but he missed part of his prime because of his race. I'm probably not the best person to discuss his Hall of Fame credentials, since I never saw him play a game. I'm sure some of you have a better handle on his candidacy than do I.
  • USA Today has a feature on Ozzie Guillen. I'm linking to it only because I liked the anecdote about Widger and the pitch count clicker. Other than that, there wasn't anything that we haven't already read.
  • Reading between the lines of this Paul Konerko quote regarding Jim Thome's presense, you'd almost think he didn't like Frank Thomas. Almost.
    "I never got a chance to ask those questions [before]," Konerko said. "I've never really had a guy that I could look up to on my team that you know I could gain a lot of knowledge hitting-wise.

    "We have a great coaching staff, hitting-wise, with Greg Walker and Harold Baines. There are a lot of guys who have been great hitters and been in big games. But there aren't too many hitters I've been around who have been older and who I've seen eye-to-eye with."

  • Speaking of Frank, guess who is still injured.
  • Jerry Owens seems a bit aloof about his decision to leave winter ball early. Ozzie says they're not going to hold it against him, but I'd say the odds just got better that he'll start the year in Charlotte.
  • Joe Borchard was one of the last players to report to camp yesterday. -- I don't know if he's really got his head in the right place. Between exploring his options in the CFL and doing only the least of what's asked of him, he seems to be writing his own ticket out of town.
  • Teddy Greenstein, who yesterday was skewering Baseball Prospectus' Will Carroll, notes the large number of baseball programs on Chicago radio. He also noted that Eric Collins will be calling a Negro League tribute game on ESPN this weekend. -- I've had the pleasure of having a few beers with Collins on a couple of occasions. He's a really nice guy who really does know his sports. Now if he could just get me Erin Andrew's phone number...
  • In the world of online baseball radio, Soxcast is a new White Sox Podcast. I don't really listen to any podcasts, so I don't have much to compare it to. I can say that it's better than listening to Mike North, which isn't much of an endorsement, but it's not an indictment either. Give it a listen and decide for yourself, jabroni.