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Crede Downplays the Boras Factor™

Clutch isn't just a part on a car.
Clutch isn't just a part on a car.
A couple of quotes from the Sun-Times point to what may be a long-term deal for Joe Crede in the works.

Kenny Williams notes that Crede's back is something they have to consider, but it shouldn't prevent the Sox from extending Crede.

"We entertain and explore all multiyear options with our core players, and we consider [Crede] to be one of those core players," Williams said Friday. "However, you have to have a reasonable gauge of long-term health prognosis.

"Fortunately, Joe has really been able to manage and maintain his back since he originally hurt it last season. That gives us a lot of optimism about his future. As more time goes on and answers are given to us, we'll entertain the idea [of a multiyear deal] to a greater degree."

Perhaps more importantly are the quotes from Crede, himself, in regards to his representation, Scott Boras.
"You do hear people say that Boras' guys are puppets, but no, that's not the case with me," Crede said. "That might be the case with some other players, but not with me.

"Ultimately, the player is who has control of the situation. If you want to sign for this, you sign for this. If you want it to be handled by the agent, you let that happen. Ultimately, you also want to get the fair deal at the same time."

First of all, it's nice to hear that Crede is looking for a deal. For the most part, Boras' Modus Operandi is to get his clients to free agency, and thus big money, as quickly as possible.

It's also a welcome change that we continue to hear about guys wanting to stay on the South Side in particular. It wasn't too long ago that you rarely, if ever, heard a player say it was most important for him to stay with the Sox. In the past few months we've heard it from Frank Thomas, Jon Garland, Paul Konerko, and now Crede. I have to think that Ozzie Guillen's presence has played at least a small part in this shift.

I still think it's in the Sox best interest to take the wait-and-see approach with Crede, especially since he said he would be open to negotiating during the season. If Crede's hitting .290 with 20 HRs at the All-Star break, it's time to lock him up; but if he's still the same model of inconsistency that we've watched over the last 3+ years, the Sox should just continue to give him one-year extensions to avoid arbitration.

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