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Frank Thomas speaks

Frank Thomas sat down with the Daily Southtown's Phil Arvia for a one-on-one interview in what is easily the most entertaining piece on the Sox this off-season. Here are a few of Frank's quotes.

because it was about health. They knew. My doctor told them I would be healthy this year. If they had given me a physical or blah, blah, blah, then you could have made that assumption -- "He's not going to be back next year." I'm fine. I feel great. I'm on schedule.


That's what I'm telling people. I had (105) at-bats and hit 12 home runs. Am I done? Are you kidding me? How many guys in the league did that last year?

It wasn't about what I could do on the field, because I gave you 345 at-bats the last two years and calculate what I did in those 345 at-bats -- 30 home runs and (75) RBI. Am I done?


I would have been better off in 2000 asking to be traded instead of sitting in that situation I did for that five years. After we lost to Seattle in the playoffs that year, I should have been traded.


I did everything to bite my tongue over the last five years, to keep things on the high road with this organization.

That was it. It would have never happened if, after 2000, I would have just said, "Go ahead and trade me when the year ends." And I was coming off my biggest year ever.

The article is full of great quotes from Frank. And by 'great' I mean, alternating between irrational, petulant, near-sighted, heart-felt, any number of emotions. So go read it already.