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Putting The Feud™ to Bed

Frank Thomas and Kenny Williams finally kissed Richard Dawson and decided not to say anything more. Except for these quotes in the latest AP article following a telephone call between the two last night, that is.

"I'm going to tell you this. As long as I don't hear another word about this organization or the members of this organization, I won't have another thought about this. And we'll move on," Williams said Monday.
"You know, it was a heated discussion. Lasted for a while. But, I think everything that needs to be said was said," Thomas said.

"We're finished talking. I mean, there's nothing else to talk about. Actual love lost - I mean, basically there's not much love there over the last five years," Thomas said. "So, you know, we're just moving forward."

"There doesn't need to be anything patched up. We're men. We can handle it over the phone. I wished we had handled it over the phone before it became national," [Thomas] said.

"And it's over. It really is."