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*Actual* Baseball

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For the first time since Juan Uribe's now-famous flip to first (wmv link), the White Sox are playing baseball.'s Owen Perkins -- There's a name I haven't seen before... Fresh meat -- reports that Mark Buehrle was sharp in the Sox first intrasquad game of the year.

Buehrle was considerably more efficient [than McCarthy], getting through four innings on 41 pitches while giving up seven hits and two runs, with Guillen and pitching coach Don Cooper often extending his innings beyond three outs so that he could get more pitches in.
I hope the extra outs isn't something our defense gets accustomed to handing Buehrle.

Brandon McCarthy struggled with his mechanics, throwing 50 pitches in just two innings of work.

It feels good to be talking about baseball again. And yes, I am posting this in part to help get that other story off the main page.