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Brian Anderson is excited about bunting

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  • Brian Anderson is writing a bi-weekly diary for the Arizona Daily Star. In his first entry, he talks about his excitement during the first big league camp where he has a real shot at making the team. And bunting.
  • I know I've pointed it out before, but he seemed to take a hiatus after the Sox won the World Series, so here's a reminder that Scott Reifert has a blog. And he's back to blogging fairly regularly.

    He writes some interesting stuff that you won't find anywhere else. (His most popular content last season was posting the Sox line-ups a few hours before they were available anywhere else.) He's generally good for one unexpected anecdote per entry.

    Now that I've heaped some praise his way... On the whole, I don't really like the MLBlogs. It seems like every team has dispatched somebody to be the online face-of-the-franchise. They're handing out free accounts (They charge regular people $49.95) to employees whose unwritten job is to say nice things about the club, drive traffic to their merchandise, and generally increase the profile of MLBlogs. Plus they crush the spirits of anyone who is trying to have a little fun.

  • Since I'm bashing MLB's sales tactics, why the hell is Scott Merkin shilling Eddy Einhorn's new book? I saw Einhorn on Chicago Tonight last week, and was surprised to learn how he earned his money that he used to buy into the White Sox. He seemed like a pretty good guy, and it's safe to say that his work in the early 60's helped make College Basketball what it is today, but I don't think Mr. Einhorn needs any more of my money. He payed part of $20M for the White Sox in '81, and now the Sox are valued at north of $262M. (I'm guessing it will be north of $300M when Forbes releases their estimates in April.) In their defense, at least there wasn't a link to Einhorn's book on Amazon.
  • Back to Reifert for a second... His anecdotes, like this one from Saturday afternoon, often end up in the local papers' notes column. Now I know that MLB beat reporters are almost always working from the same material (quotes), so their notes columns often end up looking the same, and they're obviously watching the same thing Reifert is, but it would be nice to see some attribution given to Reifert if he is indeed the only source for the info.

    On a related note, you can subscribe to the White Sox Press Pass and you'll get most of the column filler you find in the 'notes' delivered to your inbox every day during the season.

  • Keefe came back from Ireland and it sounds like he struck out with the ladies Al.
  • Baseball America reports that a nameless scout of a National League club was very impressed by Jerry Owens' progress in the outfield.
    "When I saw him early last year, he was a fourth outfielder," said a scout with a National League club. "Then by midseason I saw him again and he was doing things so much better and with a lot more confidence. His range and jumps improved, and I think much of that was because he was realizing his comfort-zone. He looked so much more in control of his body movement defensively."