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From the Chicago Tribune

Said Williams: "From what I understand, all the things he's been saying since December have not been written as said. He says he was surprised that what he said has been written bad and the way he has said it. He thinks it's a Chicago writers' problem with him. He contends to me that everything that's been written has been fabricated or twisted. He said he didn't say those things."
No one should be surprised about the alleged misquoting. I told you that was going to be a defense yesterday. But Frank, as told by Kenny, has a point...

From the Oakland Tribune

The fiery Williams didn't stop there, reportedly asking members of the Sox public relations staff to remove all pictures of Thomas in the facility, as well as saying if the organization did eventually put up a statue of Thomas "it should have a skirt on it."
Here you have two different accounts, neither of which come directly from the source, both trying to paint opposite parties as the villain.

The Bay area media have gone out of their way to portray Williams as the antagonist, while the Chicago media have lined up to take their long awaited shots at the petulant man-boy that is Frank Thomas.

Neither party should be protected. They've both acted like children. Nobody looks good in this whole snafu. They've both staked their flag on what they think is the high ground, but both of them would get light headed if they ever spent any time up there.