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The XL is for Xtra Long

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I would be remiss if I didn't make at least a passing mention of the game that everyone spent their Sunday night half-paying-attention to.

  • You could make a case -- and I'm sure if you're a Seattle fan, you're doing it right now to your bookie -- that the refs were the real MVPs of tonight's game. There was a bunch of terrible calls, specifically the holding/personal foul calls that were back to back.
  • I also didn't think Big Ben scored on that first TD. There was no visual evidence that the ball crossed the plane, and even the line judge came running in with only one hand raised. It wasn't until Ben moved the ball forward, while on the ground, that he raised the second arm to signal touchdown.
  • All that being said, Seattle deserved to lose the game. They only put 3 points on the board when they were absolutely dominating the game early. They couldn't manage clock in either half, and made tons of silly mistakes, whether it be holding penalties or dropped passes.
  • Berman: "The Bus stops here. You couldn't write a better story." -- Really?. You've been pimping it for 2 weeks solid now. I would have thought you could have come up with something better in that time. -- He's from Detroit, ya know.
  • The Steelers were a bit like the Sox in that I can't think of any one player who deserves MVP honors. -- They just announced it, and it's Heinz Ward. I guess you could call him the Jermaine Dye of the Steelers; unassuming, but always getting the job done, and they both drove the final nail in the coffin. -- Also, the Steelers won their final 8 games, most of them on the road. The Sox won their final 8 games, and their final 10 on the road.
  • I don't watch commercials, even during the Super Bowl, but I know that's the water cooler talk around the office on Monday, so... What was good? Bad? Were any better than Ditka's spot? I was too busy watching the Puppy Bowl. -- Also, the BK guy creeps me out.
  • Oh shoot! Code Black!
  • Update [2006-2-5 22:51:27 by The Cheat]: I guess Holmgren didn't shake Cowher's hand after the game. -- I saw Cowher standing at midfield with a scowl on his face, but he always has a scowl. I just assumed I missed the handshake during my postgame flush. -- If this is true, shame on Holmgren. It also means all we'll hear about the next week is complaining about the refs and Holmgren's postgame actions.
  • How many days until pitcher's and catchers report?