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Another Prospect List

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Rotoworld debuted their Top 10 prospects lists for the entire AL Central today. My SB Nation colleague, John Sickels, started his Top 20 prospect lists today with the Twins, so expect the Sox list to debut over at Minor League Ball in the near future. Here's how Rotoworld compared to BA and our list.

Baseball America South Side Sox RotoWorld 1. Bobby Jenks 2. Brian Anderson Brian Anderson Brian Anderson 3. Ryan Sweeney Ryan Sweeney Ryan Sweeney 4. Josh Fields Ray Liotta Ray Liotta 5. Jerry Owens Lance Broadway Josh Fields 6. Robert Valido Jerry Owens Jerry Owens 7. Ray Liotta Robert Valido Lance Broadway 8. Lance Broadway Josh Fields Sean Tracey 9. Francisco Hernandez Francisco Hernandez Charles Haeger 10. Sean Tracey Sean Tracey Robert Valido 11. Casey Rogowski Casey Rogowski Chris Getz 12. Brandon Allen Chris Getz Aaron Cunningham 13. Charles Haeger Aaron Cunningham Fernando Martinez ? 14. Chris Getz Jeff Bajenaru Casey Rogowski 15. Jeff Bajenaru Jeff Bajenaru Brandon Allen
I assume they mean Francisco Hernandez when they list Fernando Martinez. Martinez is a 16 year old catcher the Mets gave a $1.5M signing bonus to this past summer.

The most entertaining White Sox related news of the day had to be this question from the mailbag on

I've been thinking about the upcoming year, and I honestly believe that with our lineup, we will be the first team to ever go undefeated. I know it might sound a little far fetched, but what is your prediction for next year? Also, do we really even need a bullpen for next year?
-- Ben, Valparaiso, Ind.
I think we all know the true identity of "Ben."