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Ivy Leaguer Issues Big League Challenge

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Inspired by some comments that Ozzie Guillen made back in October, an aspiring journalist from the Harvard Crimson issued the following challenge to our outspoken skipper.

Mr. Guillen, you are invited to Cambridge, Mass.

Upon arrival, you will be subsequently "[dropped] in the middle of Harvard"--which I suppose means The Pit, or the circle of tourists in front of the John Harvard statue--to fend for yourself.

You will have nothing at your disposal. No cell phone, no bat, no glove, no pen, no paper, no World Series ring. But you will find a list of Harvard-centric challenges which I have devised that you must complete.

Successfully execute the items, one by one, and you will prove your point to the entire world: you can, indeed, survive Harvard. And you may very well be smarter than a lot of people here.

To be clear, I am completely serious about this.

Staff writer Pablo S. Torre can be reached at

Ozzie would drink Mr. Torre under the table.