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Play (exhibition) Ball

  • Dusty Baker speaks... Because the feud between Frank Thomas and Kenny Williams really needed another idiot. No word as to whether Dusty feels Frank and Kenny's skin color will help them endure the media's onslaught.
  • I laughed at this headline:: No joke: Detroit might be this year`s White Sox. -- That statement may be true... if the article were written between 2002 and 2004. Detroit has a nice offense this season, but their pitching staff is still years aways from being capable of competing for a division title, at least in the current AL Central.

    The White Sox and Tigers also have a completely different recent history. The last time the Sox finished lower than 3rd place, Frank Thomas had just been drafted, and the Sox played in the AL West with the California Angels. Meanwhile, Detroit hasn't had a winning season since 1993 when they played in the AL East with the Milwaukee Brewers.

  • Scott Merkin writes a glowing piece on Robert Valido. They really try to pass of his positive steroid test as the almost-proverbial 'false positive,' but my view is much the same as Ozzie's.

    So what? A 20 year old kid made a mistake. (Valido was hardly 20 when informed of his suspension. It was the day after his birthday.) Kids make mistakes. I'm not going to hold it against him. Just make sure you've learned your lesson and it doesn't happen again.

  • The Sox play their first real spring training game later today against Colorado. No CSN, yet. But you may be able to find it online at 670 The Score. -- Also on The Score's website... Kenny Williams interview (mp3) and Paul Konerko interview: Part 1(mp3) Part 2(mp3)

Reifert says this will be the line-up.

Mackowiak, LF Uribe, SS Thome, DH Konerko, 1B Dye, RF Iguchi, 2B Crede, 3B Widger, C Anderson, CF
Scheduled pitchers: Jose Contreras, Jon Garland, Charlie Haeger, Javier Lopez and Arnie Munoz.