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February Wrap

The shortest month of the year was also the coldest, but it surprisingly featured a number of (somewhat) interesting stories.

Rick Morrissey said Chicago will never be a Sox Town, but we disagreed. I chronicled the bunk Bobby Abreu rumors. Pods and Burls visited Oprah. And we found Scott Podsednik and Lisa Dergan's wedding registry.

Rusty Tucker was added to the long list of LOOGY candiadtes.

The White Sox went to the White House, but Ozzie Guillen stayed in the Dominican. He then anounced he was not having a homosexual affair with Hugo Chavez. Oh yeah, Ozzie also called A-Rod a phony, but he apologized a day later.

Continuing the theme of not knowing when to shut up, Frank Thomas took some shots at the White Sox front office, and Kenny Williams called him an idiot. They finally made up, or at least agreed not to take any more cheap shots at each other in the press.

Oh, and spring training started... First game later today.