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AL Central Roundtables

AL Central Roundtable: Cleveland Indians
AL Central Roundtable: Kansas City Royals
AL Central Roundtable: Minnesota Twins
AL Central Roundtable: Chicago White Sox
AL Centreal Roundtable: Detroit Tigers

I especially enjoyed this passage in the Cleveland roundtable from the Indians blogger.

Now see, that's just poor sportsmanship, Cheat. Can't you just sit back beatifically, knowing that all the stats in world don't change the fact that the White Sox won more games in the regular season, and got every last job done in the postseason? Do you really have to rub our faces in it? I think you should remember that the way you, as a White Sox fan, deal with your championship has a massive effect on the public's perception of White Sox fans. Especially since there are only eleven of you.
Advice from a Cleveland fan on winning has the same ring to it as Mike Damone's advice to Rat regarding women in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

It should also be noted that the Jake sold out in no more than 6 games last season. The White Sox played in 4 of those games, winning all of them. Those '10 fans' (I wasn't in attendance.) were making more noise at the Jake than the annoying drum guy and his ugly-hat changing friend. Maybe if the Jake had a roof, the "Let's go White Sox" chants would have been louder.