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Opie and Hermy

Point, counterpointThink he can pitch?
Ron Howard visited White Sox camp today, sitting in on a few coaches meetings and spending the majority of the game on the Sox bench -- Sorta like Timo, only with more baseball skills.

On the field, Dustin Hermanson got roughed up again. According to some reports -- I didn't watch the game. I was too busy with the Big Ten Tourney -- he topped out at 83 MPH on the gun. He allowed 4 hits and 3 runs in his inning plus of work, before being removed for what appeared to be an injury.

Hermanson had been saying that he was still in the process of building strength and getting used to 'his new body.' But this can no longer be glossed over as just working into shape. Something is wrong with Hermanson, making an already shaky bullpen picture even more unstable.

The worst part is that there's not a single arm down on the farm that's capable of stepping up in even a mop-up role right now. Joshua Fields has the best minor league resumé, but I don't think he's pitched this spring after off-season surgery. It looks like KW's best option to fill the backend of the bullpen with be to scan the waiver wire, or package Borchard or Gload with a low-level pitching prospect.