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Kenny Williams downplays bullpen situation

As noted in the quote in the previous post, Ozzie Guillen said there would be a few surprises if he were asked to fill out a 25 man roster today. Most notably, Dustin Hermanson would not be among those coming north, and young lefty with 4 outings above rookie ball might make the trip.

Kenny Williams, whose job is to find the players to fill the holes at the back end of the 'pen, preached patience and noted the date on the calendar in regards to the Sox current situation.

"Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. It's March 13. It's way too early to get that reactionary," said Williams of Hermanson's condition. "You are always looking for possibilities in the event that anyone goes down, so nothing will change as far as that goes. But hold the horses.

"We don't break until the [31st]. We don't open up until April. It's March 13. If we react to every little hangnail ... Obviously, this is more serious than a hangnail, because Dustin had back issues before. But hold your horses and let's get more information in. If there's a need to react at that point, then we will go down that road -- whether it's internally or externally."

Don Cooper, however, seemed resigned to the fact the Hermanson just isn't healthy enough to make the team.
"Shit comes your way and you have to deal with it," added Cooper, who said he felt bad for Hermanson and his back predicament after all of his offseason work. "This is something we obviously were hoping wouldn't happen, but we have to move on and the other pitchers will get more and more opportunities."