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3/14 Gamethreads -- White Sox/D'Backs & DR/Venezuela

I don't know who's scheduled to pitch for the Sox, but I suppose I'll watch some of the action from Tucson on CSN.

I won't miss a pitch of the Dominican Republic - Venezuela game though. Freddy Garcia getting the start in an elimination game; Does it get any better?

Dominicana sends fireballer Daniel Cabrera to the mound, but will be without their closer, Fernando Rodney, because of pitch/usage limits.

I'll be interested in seeing the individual ratings of tonight's DR/VEN game and the Hampton/Monmouth play-in game being held opposite it on ESPN. Though I wouldn't have the slightest idea of how to find those ratings.

Update [2006-3-14 14:2:11 by The Cheat]: This didn't need it's own topic, but is still worth mentioning. The Sox trimmed 6 more players from big league camp.