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Web MD

  • Watch Herm Schneider talk about all the White Sox injuries.
  • I made a Yahoo Pick 'em bracket....

    League ID: 45171
    Password: world champs

  • Korea beat Japan in the WBC, setting the stage for some odd tiebreaker scenarios for the US, Japan, and Mexico tomorrow.
    1. If the U.S. wins, they advance.
    2. If the game ends in a tie, the U.S. advances.
    3. If Mexico wins 1-0, the U.S. still advances.
    4. If Mexico wins in a shutout, while scoring 3 or more runs, in a game that lasts 13 innings or longer, Mexico advances.
    5. If Mexico wins by any other score, Japan advances.
    Scenario number 4 is the most entertaining, especially since Mexico appears to be the home team tomorrow. I wonder if Mexico would be allowed to continue playing after they scored their first run, if that run came in the 13th or 14th.