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Dustin Hermanson feeling better?

Scott Merkin writes that Dustin Hermanson's 42-pitch bullpen session went "well" on Friday. Herm Schneider even went so far as to say that it was "better than expected."

The real news, however, is not what's in the quotes. It's Merkin outline of Hermanson's options. Earlier in the week, when it was clear to anyone who had watched Hermanson pitch in spring training that Hermanson was toast, the local media outlets were in wait-and-see mode regarding his long-term future. Nobody even bothered to mention the word surgery. Until today, and now they're starting to use the term retirement.

Much like last year, Hermanson can try to manage the pain throughout the season. He also has a couple of surgical options, including the fusing of vertebrae together, but Hermanson said they both have a number of inherent risks. The final option for Hermanson would be to make a decision in regard to retirement.
I'm sure that Hermanson will continue to attempt pitching in spring training, but I'm even more confident that he's done. And by done, I mean he'll never pitch effectively again. He may try to hang around for a little while, but it will be doing a rehab assignment in AAA, because Ozzie's not going to carry him just because he saved 30 games last year.

I caught a little bit of Friday's Cactus League game with the Rangers...

  • If you're worried about Mark Buehrle giving up 7 runs. Well, don't be. He wasn't getting hit hard. 3 of the runs were unearned on what should have been an easy double play to Joe Crede. He gave up two HR's, but the first one was a wind-aided pop-up, and the other was when he was admittedly tired nearing his pitch limit.
  • Josh Fields continues to have a great spring at the dish. He doesn't look anything like a player who struck out 142 times in AA last year. He could put up some monster numbers in Charlotte this year. I'm rooting for him.
  • You can tell Ozzie is really starting to get bothered by the complete lack of victories this spring. He's stated that from now until they break camp, he's going to be using the regulars much more. That's about a week ahead of schedule.
  • Paulino Reynoso and Jerry Owens were optioned to AAA. -- I guess that answers the doubters who thought that Owens was going to break camp with the club.