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Fungoes: I guess it's actually spring now. It's hard to tell in Chicago

  • The Hardball Times ranked Brian Anderson as the #45 prospect in baseball.
  • I meant to bring this up in the last Thornton related post, but his usage pattern last season should tell you all you need to know. The Mariner's were 11-44 in games in which he pitched. Lookout Landing is taking extreme delight in his departure, going so far as to take a look back at some of Thornton's lowlights from last season.
  • With Thornton and possibly Boone Logan in the White Sox pen, Ozzie Guillen will have to be extremely careful with the situations they are used in. Aside from that, the Sox are counting on Bobby Jenks, who's not exactly a picture of consistency, and Brandon McCarthy, who's struggled in spring and has never pitched from the pen, to pitch in high-leverage situations. I know the Sox starters worked deep in the playoffs, but they can't maintain that pace for 162 games.
  • I put a feed with some major league headlines on the bottom left side of the screen. It links to Newsvine, which is a web-two-point-oh-ey news service. I don't know if they still require invites, but if you want one, I've got a boatload of them. Just drop me an email.

  • I watched the WBC championship game tonight... The Cuban skipper managed the game like Castro was going to kill him if he left a pitcher in too long. He was the anti-Grady. He used 3 different pitchers in the first, and never really gave the starting pitcher a chance to succeed. If he ever had Freddy Garcia on his team, Freddy would never make it to the second inning.
  • Daisuke Matsuzaka was named MVP for the tournament, further raising the price the Yankees will pay when he is posted next year.
  • If two Vince Lombardi trophies got drunk and then spent an awkward night in a dirty motel room, the result would be the WBC tropy.
  • Alfonso Soriano refuses to play LF. Only Jim Bowden is surprised.
  • Note to self: Self, if you're ever drunk on St. Patty's day, and in need of a bathroom, do not, I repeat, do not use the gas tank of a marked police car as a urinal.
  • The Press Release from Sout Park creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, regarding Comedy Central's decision not to air reruns of the now infamous Scientology episode has to be read to be believed.
  • I think I'm going to do a post like this every night before I head to bed. You guys can use it to talk about anything, off-topic, MLB related, whatever.