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Bobby Jenks is still fat

Bobby Jenks, still fat.Is Bobby in trouble?
I'm having a hard time figuring out why, for the second consecutive news-cycle, Bobby Jenks' weight and ineffective performance on Wednesday continues to be the lead story from White Sox camp. Maybe my tin-foil hat is cutting off the circulation to my frontal lobe, but when multiple media outlets are writing the same story for the second consecutive day... there's something afoot.

Could be it's just Ozzie trying to light a fire under Jenks behind -- It sure looks like he needs it -- or maybe there really is something to it. Burried in those same two articles are hints that Tim Redding and Hideo Nomo each has a shot at making the club.

Whatever it means, we should pay extra attention to Jenks' next couple of outings.

As for guys who actually played baseball yesterday, Boone Logan, who is "virtually assured" a 25-man roster spot, gave up his first run of the spring. He even looked good doing that. It was set up by a Hank Blalock single on a slow roller back through the middle. The Sox defense was out of position, with Iguchi playing him to pull and whoever was playing shortstop at that point playing him like a spray hitter. With two outs Jason Botts hit a ball deep to center that Brian Anderson lost in the sun, allowing Blalock to score. It was a well hit ball, but it was also a play that is made 95% of the time.

Despite that lapse in the field, Anderson continues to look more comfortable at the plate. I know I'm feeling much better about his offense now than I did before spring training started.

A number of guys stayed behind in Tucson and played in AA and AAA games. Javier Vazquez, Jim Thome, Pablo Ozuna, and Rob Mackowiak all had good showings against inferior competition. Matt Thornton, however, is a bad pitcher against everyone. He allowed 3 runs in 2 innings, though he didn't walk anyone.