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Picks to Click

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  • Good News: The Indians have their own Matt Thornton to deal with. His name is Danny Graves.
    Bad News: They aslo signed Grady Sizemore to a bajillion year contract for what will be far below market value for years to come. That is assuming he stays healthy, of course.
  • Ken Rosenthal made up a new word: Ozzifying. I'm not so sure that one will be appearing in Webster's anytime soon, but you can always run over to Urban Dictionary and make up your own definition.
  • Hey look, Bud Selig is going to open up an investigation into all players' past PED usage. What a novel idea. I'm shocked, SHOCKED!
  • Obvious quote of the day courtesy of Bobby Jenks:
    "The curve and slider are my two most important pitches, other than my fastball."
    Thanks Bobby, There's a wealth of information in that statement.
  • Sunday's opener could feel just like the last game played at USCF, Game 2 of the World Series. The forecast is calling for a RealFeel® temperature of 33° and a chance of rain. My own forecast says there's a 0% chance of a Pods walk-off.
  • Just for kicks, here's a couple of "Smallball" articles. WaPo: TBos | FoxSp: KenRo
  • There was some question about Sports Illustrated's rating of the AL yesterday, but I happen to agree with them. I think they've got the top 9 teams right, though maybe not in the right order. CBSportsline's Scott Miller also agree's that the AL is far superior.
  • Here are the directions on how to score some Conan O'Brien Tix when he comes to town in May.