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Now that's a picture I need to see

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[Chisox. com]

It was a dress-up hazing for a quartet of young players on the trip to Atlanta. Jenks was given a Fred Flintstone costume to wear, Anderson received an Arizona St. female cheerleader get-up, while Ryan Sweeney had the male cheerleader version. Boone Logan dressed as a gladiator.
Personally, I think Jenks would have made a better Barney Rubble. Also, the Sun Devil cheerleader outfit had to be a little bit extra painful for to wear Brian Anderson, who went to the University of Arizona.
  • Since I linked to a couple of smallball articles yesterday, here's a link to a member of the traditional media who actually gets it.
  • ESPN, who is currently running a series of news-pieces on Barry Bonds' career and devoted an entire BBTN episode to Bonds, recently held a two-day seminar where -- you guessed it -- the main topic of discussion was their coverage of Barry Bonds. It seems that some members of the greater ESPN family don't like the position they've been put in with the network airing Bonds personal "reality" show beginning Tuesday.
  • Baseball America's website moved out of 1997, getting a much needed makeover. They also posted their 2006 Organization Talent Rankings. The White Sox rank 14th, in case you were too lazy to click the link.
  • Eric Wedge and Ozzie Guillen sat down with members of for a brief Q&A session.
  • The White Sox have introduced another way to squeeze some money out of it's fans, The Sox Pride Club. -- I hear Telly Savalas is a memeber. -- I'm unsure what it's advantages are. Even the pitch at is rather cryptic. Near as I can tell the only thing of value they are offering right now is a discounted rate for the Gameday Audio feature on So if you haven't signed up for Gameday Audio, it's probably worth the 10 bones($5 savings) to sign up for the Sox Pride Club and see what other benefits are. Regardless, I'm sure Reifert will start shilling it on his blog very soon.
  • I'm pretty sure the that the Hardball Times will be putting their 5 questions feature on the Chicago White Sox online in the hour or so. Without exploring the archive, it seems like all they're missing is the White Sox and Yankees previews. -- [Insert link here]