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Sox Extend Contreras -- 3 Years, $29 Million

Let me start off by saying, damnit, I hope I haven't been duped.

The White Sox have (reportedly) extended Jose Contreras through the 2009 season. The (supposed) deal breaks down like this:

- $9 million in 2007
- $10 million in 2008
- $10 million in 2009

Normally, I'd be taking all of this with a grain of salt. We all know what day it is, and that's why I was extremely hesitant in posting this. But -- it's been reported by several sources already...

White Sox sign Contreras long term

Kenny Williams and Rick Hahn were also on the Score 670 reporting the deal (apparently -- I didn't hear it).

Again -- my apologies to SouthSideSox (or Bleed Cubbie Blue) if this deal is, in fact, an April Fools Day hoax.