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Bruce Jenkins thinks he's better than you

You'll remember Bruce Jenkins as the first reporter to mention the Pierzynski kneeing incident. It was an incident that none of the Giants beat reporters witnessed, including Jenkins, and for some reason was never reported until after Pierzynski signed with the Sox. Yet Jenkins claimed that his source said "there is absolutely no doubt that it happened."

Well Jenkins still hasn't let it go -- and there's certainly room to debate if there was even an "it" to begin with. -- Now he's claiming that the Sox won't repeat based on the fact that their clubhouse contains Pierzynski.

The White Sox have too much pitching to implode this year, but their downfall is inevitable. Manager Ozzie Guillen and GM Ken Williams talk serious trash, and there's no longevity in that. Plus, smart-aleck A.J. Pierzynski will become a major liability when things start to go wrong. He's essentially a bad guy; you can't change that. The true colors will eventually surface.
Newsflash for Mr. Jenkins: Pierzynski-led teams have never won fewer than 85 games, have won fewer than 90 just once, and AJ now has more World Series rings than does Bonds.

AJ, your "bad guy," hasn't said word one about the Giants since last spring, when he was being asked about his past. You, the "good guy," keep bringing this crap up without provocation.