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Joe Crede eats line drives for breakfast

I must admit, I didn't watch much of the White Sox games this weekend. What I did see...

  • Mike Sweeney's two hits demonstrated how damn strong he is. He one-handed that one ball out on Saturday. Politte didn't make a bad pitch on him there. He just got beat. -- I suppose there is a lesson here: Don't get beat by Sweeney on off-speed pitches low and away. (He did the same thing to Garland on Friday.)
  • A continued lack of both clutch and situational hitting. The Sox have had numerous opportunities to drive in runs without the aid of hit in most of their losses, yet haven't even been able to get the "productive out."
  • Jim Thome leads the Sox with 5 RBI. He should have about twice as many, but the Sox keep using an automatic out as their leadoff man.
  • It looks like Scott Podsednik is not healthy. Take the Porsche to the shop. It needs a tune-up.
  • I saw the Royals pitch around Brian Anderson to get to Scott Podsednik. Now, Anderson still almost struck out, but what does it say that Anderson is already being pitched around in RBI situations? Pods provides no protection.
  • I saw Joe Crede continue his Brooks Robinson impression from October in the 9th inning Sunday.
  • I saw Bobby Jenks throwing in the high-90's, but getting hit hard. It's a good thing he had Crede behind him.
  • In the first week on the farm, we've seen great starting pitching. Charlie Haeger, Ray Liotta, Lance Broadway, and Tyler Lumsden all allowed 1 run or less. While the Brazilian duo, Paulo Orlando and Anderson Gomes have seemingly done nothing but hit for extra bases.
  • Brandon McCarthy didn't pitch in any of the three games against the Royals. Could be a coincidence... or it could be that the Sox are prepared for him to log long innings in relief later today against the Tigers.