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Brian Anderson will leave you stranded

I don't think this one is really worth dwelling on. The good news is there's a game in less than 12 hours and the Sox send Mark Buehrle to the hill.

  • The Sox have allowed 39 hits in their last two games. No wonder Hawk thinks the ball is juiced.
  • Coincidently, Scott Podsednik is on pace to almost challenge that number by the beginning of October.
  • I don't even want to get started about Brian Anderson, who won a dubious award while conjuring images of Joe Borchard at the plate. As JI
    would say, "KID HAS A LOT TO LEARN."
  • Neal Cotts and Cliff Politte are only 3 HRs shy of matching their combined HRs allowed total from last season. Judging by last night, we could see them topple that mark by the end of the weekend.
  • Cotts' and Politte's relief work makes this seem pretty inconsequential, but I feel that it needs to be asked. What the heck was Ozzie doing bunting in front of Brian Anderson in the 5th inning?

    In Anderson's first two at-bats, he pissed all over the Sox' bases-loaded rallies, looking terrible in the process. Trailing by two runs, with Javier Vazquez surrendering 5 runs and having the final out recorded at home plate the previous inning, with 15 outs remaining, why are we putting more pressure on our worst hitter? Chris Widger wasn't exactly an offensive juggernaut at the plate last night, as the BJs mostly pitched around him to face the pitcher's spot, but surely anyone can see that he's got more of a chance at driving in those runs than does Anderson.

    Maybe Ozzie was just trying to avoid them pitching around Widger again, only to have Anderson GIDP with the bases loaded again. If that was his reasoning, I guess it worked.

  • Be honest, you laughed when you saw Ozzie pull Boone Logan.