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What I've learned in the first two weeks of the season

  • JI
    JIM THOME is healthy. Really healthy.
  • Or maybe the ball is juiced. When Pablo Ozuna goes deep, only then am I on that bandwagon.
  • Freddy Garcia is frustrating.
  • The Tigers are a better team than I originally thought -- And I say this after watching the Sox sweep them in their opening series at home -- They're going to be around all year. With the quality of the teams in this division, I don't see the Wild Card coming out of the Central.
  • The same goes for the Blue Jays. Obviously pitching health is already a concern with Burnett and Halladay missing starts, but if they're healthy, I think they'll steal enough wins from the Yanks and Sawks to make the East a 1-bid division. The Angels and A's are already making their post-season plans.
  • Ozzie got the message... I think. -- In the last 9 games, Boone Logan has faced one batter.
  • The White Sox have the best offense in the division. Ok, that may not be true, but they have scored more runs than any team in the Central through 12 games. The pitching, however, has been inconsistent and more than occasionally disappointing. I know the offense will stagnate at some point, so I just hope the pitching is on for those games.
What have you guys learned so far?