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Better late than never

I sat down at the computer to write a recap last night but I got distracted reading Kevin Smith's blog detailing his friend and co-star Jason Mewes' battle with drug addiction.

Jon Garland was better than his previous starts, but still not his '05 self on the mound. He and Widger indicated that they decided to use more 4-seam fastballs than he usually throws, which resulted in him pitching up in the zone for much of the night. That's a dangerous place to be pitching at USCF. And usually it's a sign that Garland is tiring.

Ozzie was right to pull him in the 7th when he did, even though he had only thrown 86 pitches. He still wasn't 100%, and I know I wasn't the only one holding my breath as the tying run was striding the the plate. It was best to get him out of there with a positive outing, something that he can build off of. Next time out, if Ozzie wants to give him a longer leash, I'll be all for it.