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Jim Thome sets major league record, dogs Twins

  • With his HR of off Johan Santana in the 6th inning yesterday, Jim Thome set a major league record by scoring in each of the White Sox first 16 games. The modern and AL record for consecutive games with a run scored is 18 held by Red Rolfe and Kenny Lofton.
  • Be honest, you thought Torii Hunter was going to catch that ball.
  • I'm starting to develop a large hetro-man-crush on Joe Crede. He may have been 0-2 with a walk off of Santana, but he took three of the best ABs of the night off of him, and is becoming one of the toughest outs in the White Sox lineup.
  • Mark Buehrle's not a bad pitcher.
  • During the 7th inning, I was wondering why Ron Gardenhire was letting Santana continue with a high pitch count for this early in the season. The 8th inning answered my question.