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SweeThome Chicago

  • Jim Thome, yet again. His first two at-bats he was made to look silly by BRadke changeups. His third at-bat, he worked the count, and drew a walk on what could have easily been strike 3. Coming up in the 8th inning, the pressure was off. I guess that's why the ball he hit is somewhere in the ionosphere right now
  • Wasn't it nice to see the Sox wait back on some pitches? Totally makes you forget how we looked at the plate for the majority of, well, this century.
  • Someone needs to tell Boone Logan that if he really does enjoy Chicago-style pizza, he needs to throw strikes.
  • Freddy Garcia is still pitching like he's going to be the pitcher moved by the White Sox to make room for Brandon McCarthy. He was hitting around 91 on the FSN North gun, but that didn't last for long. His offspeed stuff seemed to consist of get-meovers, and that curve to Torii Hunter. How he held the Twins to 2 runs, I'll never know.
  • The Sox 2-6 hitters went 12-21 with 8 runs, 7 RBI, 4 doubles, and two homers. Somewhere, Mark Shapiro just cried a little.
  • Nothing makes The Cheat happier than seeing a game recap done for him. It's my VEISHEA gift to him.