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Jose Contreras, White Sox streak at Twins expense

  • The White Sox 8-game win streak is the 6th time they had such a streak in the last calendar year. The Streaks covered the dates 4/18-4/25, 4/30-5/8, 6/15-6/24, 9/28-10/7, and 10/12-10/26 in 2005, and now 4/16-?? in '06.

    Call me greedy, but I'd like to see one reach double digits one these times.

  • They've allowed just 13 runs during this 8 game stretch, less than they allowed in any of their 8-game streaks from last season. We're a bit spoiled with this starting staff. We complain when Freddy Garcia doesn't pitch in the manner we like. It's almost as if we expect better than a "Quality Start" every time out. Raising expectations seems to be working so far, so I'm not going to knock it.

Photo Credit: ChiliBob
  • The HR that Jose Contreras allowed to Joe Mauer was the first (regular season) HR in over 100 innings that he's allowed to member of a team other than the Tigers.
  • Jose's personal 11-game (regular season) winning streak is the longest by a White Sox pitcher since Wilson Alvarez rattled off 15 in '93 & '94. Jose's raw stats from his currenst streak are actually better than Alvarez' during his.
  • I'm a bit superstitious when it comes to players and records, so I haven't made much mention of Jim Thome's streak that came to an end today. His 17 game stretch of scoring at least one run was the longest such streak to begin a season in Major League history. He fell one short of tying the overall American League record today. He gave a couple of his outs a good ride, one of which resulted in a sac fly, but the wind was knocking down balls that were hit high in the air. He's made at least a small contribution to the offense in every single game so far this year.
  • Joe Crede, Juan Uribe (twice), and Brian Anderson didn't have trouble leaving the yard, but each one of those homers was hit on a line. It's becoming increasingly obvious that Crede is going to be a beast this year. I could probably crank out a few thousand words about his last 170 AB's, but I'll leave that 'til an off-day.
  • These poll reverse-jinxes are working pretty well. But now, I'm having a hard time coming up with them. Any suggestions?
  • Also, Joe Borchard was DFA'd. He'd almost be worth putting a claim in to have a RHed bat that could play the outfield in a reserve role. Of course, that would mean sending Boone Logan down and going with a 10-man pitching staff. That ain't happening any time soon in baseball. Though if there is any team that could do it, it's this one.