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Last Calendar Year

Since game time is still over 6 hours away, here's an interesting little excersize.

As I was thinking about the sustainability of the current hot start by our 2-6 hitters, I thought to myself, 'self, I bet Konerko and Dye have some pretty impressive stats in the last calendar year.' You'll remember they were both hitting under the Mendoza Line at this time last season, but rebounded to have excellent seasons.

4/24/05 - 4/23/06

AVE OBP SLG OPS HR RBI Konerko .296 .382 .540 .922 38 103 Dye .291 .360 .539 .899 31 92

There's not a whole ton of difference -- perhaps not as much as I was expecting -- but it gives both players' average a healthy kick in the butt. It also shows that they are indeed capable of holding a high average for a full season. I wouldn't be surprised if a couple of the 2-5 hitters finish the year with the .300 average that seemed so elusive last season.

Baseball Musings has an excellent database that you can query for all types of splits with multiple endpoints... like Joe Crede since he came off the DL or Jose Contreras since the beginning of August.