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Ozzie Guillen fills out line-up card with a big fat "L"

The White Sox haven't won 9 in a row since July 1-9, 1977. Lineups like the one Ozzie employed last night have had something to do with that. Officially, this was the 4th time in Ozzie's tenure that the Sox have dropped a game while attempting to win their 9th straight.

  • Rob Mackowiak started in RF against a LHP
  • Alex Cintron started at 3B despite Jon Garland, the White Sox pitcher who benefits most from his defense, on the mound. Oh and Joe Crede can hit now too.
  • Pablo Ozuna playing in LF despite the fact that he can't play LF.
  • AJ Pierzynski as #5 hitter? Com'on Ozzie, this isn't cute. We did the whole Timo at 1b/DH thing last year.
Jon Garland looked terrible for the first 8 batters, allowing balls to be hit hard and deep all over Safeco. For the next 7+ innings, though, he was decent. He discovered that he had other pitches besides his 4-seam fastball, which he is inexplicably featuring early in games this year, and started setting the M's down with some quick innings.

Ozzie sent him back out to pitch the 8th inning after he had allowed the M's to tie it in the 7th, which is the type of management we've grown accustomed to with Ozzie. Garland had less than 100 pitches, and Ozzie wanted to give him the opportunity for the win. That opportunity was removed one pitch into the inning. I have a hard time getting upset with the decision because, well, he's always going to manage that way. It would be detrimental to my health to get worked up over.

The lineup thing is a different story. I can understand resting one player, maybe two. But three, 30+ hours after they finished their game yesterday, I can't accept that.

I'm mad at Brian Anderson too. Why do you have to delay the inevitable? It's almost 1AM in Chicago, and more than anything, I'm upset that I watched that whole wretched affair, knowing full-well what the outcome would be.

I even lamented that I wish we had an arm in LF after Reed was walked seconds before the game winning hit trickled through the infield.