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Boone Logan earns his first career save

Boone Logan entered the 11-0 contest with runners on first and third. He hit the first batter he faced (Carl Everett), walked the next, and allowed both inheritted runners to score. In fact, he's allowed all of the inheritted runners he's received score this year. He escaped the rest of the inning unscathed, but allowed another run in his final two innings of work as the M's took their hacks as quickly as possible.

He was credited with the save because he was deemed to have "pitched effectively" for the final three innings of the game. Allowing just 1 run in three innings is generally a decent outing, but Logan looked less than impressive given the situation. All he was asked to do was throw strikes, and he struggled to do just that the entire outing.

One has to wonder, where is Matt Thornton? He didn't pitch a single game during the last homestand, and hasn't seen any action since the 13th. I heard Don Cooper mention that Thornton had a back issue on ESPN 1000 the other day, but he made only passing mention of it, and made it sound like he was available that day. I think his absense from this game, and the series against the Twins, has to cast some serious doubts about his current health. (I can't even remember the last time I have seen him warming up or throwing a side session in the bullpen.)

If there is anything that Ozzie can learn from last night's game it's that if you play the regulars, they'll give you a chance to get the subs some at-bats later in the game. I suppose you could say the same about the subs, but I like the situation that playing the regulars provides much better.

Javier Vazquez has had one bad inning in a White Sox uniform; the rest of the time he has looked downright dominant.