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Getting a makeover

We're coming up on the 1-year birthday of this site, and I thought the place could use a little sprucing up, specifically our tired logo. So I thought I would give each of you the opportunity to have some say in what our new logo should be.

I'm offering you the chance to make the new South Side Sox logo. The logo should be 200 x 220 pixels, represent the Sox in some way, and should probably have minimal color just to keep the feel of the site.

I have made a couple of attempts adding some more Sox influence to the logo, while still keeping the minimalist feel of the site. I've gone ahead and replaced the old logo with my new favorite.

I haven't cleared this with the powers that be here at SB Nation, but I can't really imagine them having any problems with the change. But I'm sure they would want me to tell you that for legal reasons, we should avoid using the White Sox logo in anyway.

Old logo and my first two attempts below the fold.

Old Logo

Current Logo (back of the exploding scoreboard)

Attempt #2 (View of city from Exit Gate 5)