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Freddy Garcia takes the Rally Monkey for a walk

Chalk up another win and a third Quality Start for Freddy Garcia, but don't get too excited...

  • Garcia has allowed 29% of the White Sox' walks while only accounting for 14% of their innings pitched.
  • That Garcia was able to walk 4 Angels is no small feat. The Angels came into the game with just 40 walks in 22 games played. He has accounted for 9% of the Angels walks despite pitching only about 3% of the innings pitched against them.
  • Even though he had only allowed one hit through three innings, he looked wretched. He was throwing in the low 80's in the first inning, working his way up to the mid-80's by the third.
  • He finally started to resemble the Freddy of old in the 4th and 5th innings, as his fastball sat in the high-80's and touched the low-90's. But you've got to be worried about a guy who takes three innings and over 50 pitches before he finds any velocity whatsoever. Many times we're going to be out of the game by that time.
  • Brian Anderson (average down to .155) took a key walk in the second inning that helped knock Jeff Weaver out of the game. He now has 9 walks on the season, which doesn't seem like alot... But, in his last two Aprils with the Sox, Aaron Rowand combined to walk just 8 times, while hitting just 3 HRs.